General Microbiology Lab
Professor Sydney Kustu

Professor Kustu's lab manual for PMB C112L for Spring 2007 is available below in pdf format:

Lab 1,,,,, Course description/schedule/sample exam

Period 1, Instruction in use of the laboratory;
Lab 3,33 preparation of Winogradsky columns.

Period 2, Aseptic technique with the intestinal bacterium
Lab 333, Escherichia coli (E. coli K12 laboratory strain).

Period 3, Measurements of light scattering and cell numbers
La33b 3, for the intestinal bacterium Escherichia coli;
Lab 333, analysis of results from the experiment of period 2.

Period 4, Growth of E. coli and determination of its doubling
La33b 3, times on enriched and minimal media.

Period 5, Principles of light microscopy.

Period 6, Use of stains for light microscopy.

Period 7, Strain construction using phage P1-mediated transduction.

Period 8, Assay of the activity of b-galactosidase, the product
33 9, of the lacZ gene of E. coli;
339, purification of lac+ and trp+ transductants: use of
33 9, indicator plates.

Periods 9-11, Induction of the lactose (lac) operon of E. coli and
33,,,,,,, 9, determination of the differential rate of synthesis of
339,,,,,,,, b-galactosidase, the product of the lacZ gene;
339,,,,,,,, growth of phage P1.

Periods 10/11, Assay of b-galactosidase in the cells from Period 9.

Period 13, E. coli DNA microarrays and databases; PubMed.